AOS Judges

American Orchid Society judges are dedicated volunteers who serve the membership and the orchid-growing public through participation in the Society's judging system. Each judge has made a sincere, long-term commitment, and gives much of their personal time and resources. AOS Judges are not compensated for their services or travel to various judging events.- AOS

Judges Resources

Becoming a Judge

Training to become and orchid judge with the American Orchid Society is a mentorship program that can take Seven year to complete. The first step is to express interest at your local Judging center. Once you have shown the commitment required to become a judge, you will be admitted as a clerk by vote of the judges in the center. Being a student lasts at least two years and it is comprised of homework and exercises designed to teach you the basics of judging orchids and to increase your knowledge base and understanding of the intricacies faced when evaluating plants presented by exhibitors. After you have sufficiently completed your term as a student, the center judges will vote on your elevation to become an Associate Judge. An Associate Judge may have their scores counted as if they were a fully Accredited Judge but are still subject to evaluations and input from mentors and the training coordinator. Again, an elevation from this title to fully Accredited Judge must be voted on by members within the center.


First Year Assignments

Assignment 1: Writing Awards Descriptions

Assignment 2: AOS Judging Teams

Assignment 3: Judging Flower Form

Assignment 4: AOS Awards

Assignment 5: AOS Special Annual Awards

Assignment 6: Clonal Names

Assignment 7: Other Orchid Judging Systems

Assignment 8: Judging Ethics

Assignment 9: Judging Orchid Show Displays

Advanced Student Assignments

Judging Primary Hybrids

Judging Sarcochilus

Judging Phalaenopsis

AOS Judging Score Card

Genus Dendrochilum

Genus Dendrobium